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The Vilaca Racing Time Attack Series has just entered its fifth year of running, and if previous years are anything to go by, the 2024 season will be the most epic to date. The series was created by Jono Vilaca of Vilaca Racing, a former Red Bull athlete and a ridiculously talented race driver who used his extensive experience to create a competitive privateer race series. While we all like cars and racing (that’s a general assumption but you’re on this site for a reason) not all of us are ok with putting our pride and joy on a racetrack and risking damage. Shit’s expensive these days, especially things relating to fast cars. What makes the Vilaca Time Attack Series so appealing is that the time on track is in a time attack format. This means there is no actual wheel-to-wheel racing, in this series, drivers don’t all line up on a grid as in a regular race and all launch fighting for position before the first corner, in this one, the cars are released in intervals. When a class lines up to race, the competitors are released one at a time with enough of a gap between the cars that even if they put in a Max Verstappen-style lap, they still won’t be fast enough to catch the car ahead in the allocated track time. Overtaking is forbidden too, so there’s really no chance of ending up in the door of your mate’s M3 trying to prove your skills while high on Red Mist. The cars are also classed beforehand in a separate event that doubles as a meet & greet where competitors catch up and check out the upgrades and changes to the cars over the end-year break. The cars get put into dedicated classes beforehand chosen based on the car’s spec, modifications and power output. On race day this all changes up as the day progresses, the cars get re-classed according to lap times to even out the field and make the season championship as competitive as possible. 

I’d say at least 95% of the cars entered are full streetcars and the rest are a mix of street-legal but not very streetable cars, and then some purpose-built racecars. The drivers are a great bunch of guys, it’s the kind of series where everyone helps everyone, even when they’re competing for a class title. The camaraderie is actually rather inspiring. Registration for 2024 is open, and the year ahead looks great with a bunch of confirmed venues for the various rounds. The registration day for the event kicks things off on the 2nd of March, if you keep an eye on the Vilaca Racing Facebook page you’ll find the venue, as of writing this it was yet to be confirmed. The 2024 season is made up of six rounds with a Wild Card round throw in between, which if all things work out will see the event crossing the border into Mozambique. Round 1 takes place at Red Star Raceway on the 16 March, Round 2 is at Zwartkops Raceway on the 13 April, Round 3 is at Formula K on the 25 May, Round 4 is at Phakisa Raceway on the 29 June, Round 5 is back at Zwartkops Raceway on the 17 August, the Wild Card round is set for some time in September in Mozambique and the final event, Round 6 is back at Formula K Raceway on the 9 November. There are some amazing cars in the series, many of which have confirmed entry for this year, but there’s always room for more. Last year seeing up to 80 cars at an event wasn’t uncommon, but the event is run so well with great marshals and crew that there’s ample track time to make it well worth entering. The event is also family-friendly with great catering and music from a live DJ, and all the venues have brilliant facilities and bathrooms that wives and girlfriends (or both) will be ok using. It's also a great day out if you just want to watch the action. Check out the gallery to see some of the action from the final round of 2023 at Formula K in Benoni. Are we seeing you there?

Take a look at the YouTube video from the final round of the coolest time attack series in SA that took place at Formula K Raceway in Benoni. This one was a day/nigh event and it was also the season decider for some of the race classes. Doesn't this look like summin you'd like to join?: Vilaca Racing - Round 7 2023 - Day Night Formula K SA | Vilaca Racing

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