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The Volkswagen Club of SA’s annual DubRun starts today. Here’s a bit about it. The VWCSA has been around since forever, this here SXdrv staffer has been popping by their events since the late 90s. The club hosts loads of cool events but the top event that many members look forward to is the annual DubRun. As the name suggests, it involves Dubs and a Run - the Dub come in the form of a bunch of Volkswagens (and the associated brands) and the Run part is because a load of these Dub head down to Durban in KZN for no other reason than to hang out with like-minded people. The annual DubRun started way back in 2007 and it was a sort of spin-off of the road trips taken to attend the annual Autostyle Show held at the company’s Durban branch. As I recall, some chaps were keen to do the annual pilgrimage without having to attend the show thanks to how crowded it had become. Things evolved from there. The event was always hugely popular and pulled in some amazing numbers, things died down a few years back, but since that whole pandemic mess, the numbers are starting to increase. The event traditionally takes place in June, which means quieter roads and cheaper accommodation, and the cold is actually part of the experience, especially how cold it is at the Harrismith stop.

DubRun is split into smaller events, kicking off with Tape Up Night. This is where the attendees meet up at a predetermined location to apply blue painter’s tape to the cars. Initially, this was done to prevent stone chips thanks to having a bunch of cars driving in convoy but it eventually evolved into elaborate designs and patterns. It sounds odd, but some of the designs are mind-blowing. Once all the designs are done and the cars hit Durban, the club’s Comm decides on the best tape-up design and prizes are awarded accordingly. Tape Up is also where attendees get to collect their much-anticipated goodie bags that registered DubRunners receive, these contain cool things from the club and various event sponsors. The club creates a limited print T-shirt for every event, these are always sought-after and sell out fast. The next part of the event is the convoy to Durban. DubRunners from all areas of Gauteng and surrounds meet up before sunrise at the One Stop heading out of JHB for a coffee or breakfast. The rest of the day is the convoy with a stop or two to regroup. The Saturday of DubRun is always an event day, the club organises something cool at a predetermined venue, sometimes a dyno day, sometimes a park off and it’s followed by a prize-giving dinner where Tape Up winners are announced before everyone tears into some alcoholic beverages. Sunday some people head home while others meet up for a braai or a photo shoot on the various cars. And that’s DubRun in a nutshell. Keep an eye out for the convoy of cars with GP plates and smile and wave and ignore the way they all drive.

Take a look at the YouTube video from Bike & Broom who travelled along in 2022 and 2023. This is a long 2022 recap, and it's a collage of vids and pics that does a great job of showing what DubRun is all about: BABAd . Ride Out . DubRun with Chris Wall Media . 2022 | Bike & Broom Adventures . BABAd

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