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When a total of 22 national teams - comprising six women's and 16 men's teams - featuring an impressive contingent of 60 riders, gather to vie for the coveted trophy at the BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy 2024 Namibia from 15 to 20 September 2024, they will find themselves equipped with a remarkable machine: the BMW R 1300 GS Trophy Competition Bike. This specially developed bike, tailored exclusively for this prestigious competition, has its foundations in the esteemed R 1300 GS, a model that has been central to this event since 2008. Outfitted with a plethora of specialised accessories, the R 1300 GS Trophy Competition Bike is prepared for every challenge. This formidable GS, powered by a robust boxer engine, features a handlebar riser, engine protection bar, underride and frame guard, adjustable gear and brake levers, GS Vario rider footrests, enduro hand levers, headlight protection guard, and white handguard extensions. The off-road journey is further enhanced by coarse-tread tyres mounted on black cross-spoke wheels and a single-seat bench, ensuring it can tackle the tough terrains expected during the BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy 2024 Namibia in East Africa. Essentially, apart from a few bespoke details, the R 1300 GS Trophy Competition Bike mirrors the R 1300 GS Trophy model. Though this specific Competition Bike isn't available for retail in its exact form, it remains fundamentally based on the R 1300 GS Trophy variant, with unique elements like exclusive stickers, an enlarged underride guard, and a distinctive gearshift lever. The foundational Racing Blue metallic colour scheme, accentuated by red and white stripes and lettering, alongside the matt white metallic painted rear frame, vividly underscores the bike's sporty off-road prowess - a sensation the 22 teams will undoubtedly experience come September.

In a nod to exceptional off-road competence, the Trophy bike is factory-fitted with radiator guards to shield against potential damage from stone chipping. Additionally, the resilient cross-spoke wheels are integral to its off-road arsenal, coming standard with black rims, with an option for gold available ex-works. Also supporting the event, the BMW F 900 GS Trophy Marshal Bike stands as the sportier, mid-range BMW GS, chosen for the GS Trophy Marshal Team. These marshals, who will adeptly guide participants through Namibia's demanding landscapes, can rely on the F 900 GS Trophy Marshal Bike's superior off-road capabilities. This premium mid-range touring enduro, derived from the F 900 GS, boasts a powerful 77 kW engine and enhanced versatility, thanks to significantly improved off-road qualities and a notable 14 kg weight reduction compared to its predecessor. Just like the R 1300 GS Trophy Competition Bike, the F 900 GS Trophy Marshal Bike is perfectly suited to the rugged terrains of Namibia. We have some locals in the competition, here are their bios as seen on the local Motorrad site.

"Marthinus van Rooyen

24-year-old Marthinus from Gauteng works for a company specialising in industrial fridges. He’s been riding motorcycles for a long time – he even rode a bike to school. At some point, his thirst for adventure overcame him, and he took a trip to Lesotho. His tour guide gave him the idea to participate in the Int. GS Trophy.

Jean Pierre Boer

Jean Pierre is 27 years old and comes from Pretoria. The company founder comes from a motorcycling family and has had an interest in bikes since childhood. At the age of 18, his mother gave him his first motorcycle so that he could run errands and get by in his day-to-day life with more flexibility. Soon after, Jean Pierre realised that he wanted to experience more of the world, and his tours became longer and longer. Not long after that, he bought his first R 1200 GS.

Ruhan De Villiers

Motorcycles have always been important to Ruhan, who works as a financial advisor in Western Cape Langebaan. The 48-year-old has always enjoyed off-road riding most of all, and he likes to ride motorbikes with his wife. So it’s no wonder that he’s been following the events of the Int. GS Trophy for some years now."

Take a look at the YouTube video that shows off the new GS bike that will be seen during the competition that takes place later this year - there are some locals who have qualified too and judging on past performances, they have a great chance of winning: BMW R 1300 GS Trophy Competition Bike – Int. GS Trophy 2024 | BMW Motorrad

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