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Meet the... well... let's call it the Frankenbug. This is what happens when you drop a Honda engine into a Toyota MR2 chassis and plonk a VW Beetle body onto the top...

It sounds crazy, right? Well, to be honest, it is. But, when you've got as much drive as the guys from Garage IdiotS on YouTube, anything is possible.

This project has been ongoing for over a year and, if you've been following their progress, you'll know it's been through many iterations to arrive at this point. By 'this point' I mean the engine from a smashed Honda Acura GSR, the chassis from a Toyota MR2 and the body from a VW Beetle. It's Frankenbug!

Why? You may ask. I'm not sure even these guys can answer that, but it started with this video. With no clue how they were going to install the motor into the Bug, they simply chopped out the entire front end of the Honda and welded onto the rear of the VW's chassis. No mean feat considering their comment, "We're not fabricators...".

They managed to get it running but weren't satisfied. That's when the idea for using the chassis from a wrecked MR2 came about. This posed a problem, though, as the chassis was wider than the Beetle's body. The solution? Cut the Bug in half right down the middle. Easy!

This is where we join our friends, as they proceed to fabricate, modify, rebuild and attach all the elements required to plug this widebody beast together. It's one of the more crazy builds we've seen, especially considering they're not coach-builders, but definitely worth the watch.

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