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A Toyota Camry owner in the United States decided to make the most of the Camry by turning the sedan into an utterly-crazy Batmobile. The car appears to be primarily constructed from metal and plastic parts which have all been painted matte black to give the Camry a proper Batman vibe. 

Some of the most eye-catching parts include the fake jet engines – which can be seen in the gallery –, the roof-mounted minigun, guns on the front fenders and enough superfluous parts to surely make the car weigh as much as an SUV, all while horribly affecting the aerodynamics.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about this Toyota Camry would be that this 'Batmobile' is fully road legal in many parts of the U.S., despite potentially being quite unsafe to occupants and other motorists. Imagine hitting a pedestrian with this Toyota Camry, it would likely turn the car into a human blender.


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