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Take a look at these top 5 mods for the VW Golf GTI and Golf R.

This list was compiled by the guys at Driven By Boost, and shows the top 5 mods for the VW Golf GTI and Golf R.

If you want to do mods to your VW Golf GTI or R, there are some that will improve the aesthetics, drivability and performance of your car. Some that you might want to consider are:

  1. Switchpath Catback – Having a Catback can both increase performance and unleash that sweet exhaust sound! But the AWE Switchpath Catback is electronically controlled with a remote, so you can choose when you want to go loud or keep things quieter.

  2. Intake – Installing a high-flow air intake system is both easy and cheap. Although it doesn't drastically improve your performance, it will substantially increase turbo sounds and make your engine bay look that much more impressive.

  3. Rear Sway Bar – The VW Golf GTI and R are notorious at understeering. Installing a rear sway bar kit will improve your handling and drivability.

  4. Big Brake Kit – Bigger brakes will keep you confident on the roads, knowing you can slam on brakes when needed and come to a safe stop. Plus, you will make your ride look so tasty with those large rotors and red calipers.

  5. Aftermarket Forged Carbon Fibre Steering Wheel – When driving, the part of the car you are in most physical contact with is your steering wheel. The stock VW steering wheels for both the GTI and Golf R are not bad to begin with, but a fully forged carbon fibre steering wheel will make your interior look that much better, and feel like it's on a whole other level of quality too.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Driven By Boost, on the Top 5 Mods For A VW Golf GTI And Golf R (Must Have Mods).

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