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Uber is a mobile app run car sharing transport service that took the world by surprise due to its overnight success. It has given millions of people a reliable and safe alternative to traditional methods of public transport at a reasonable price and on top of that Uber has created tens of thousands of jobs worldwide where people can manage their own time and quality service via the mobile app.

However, all this time, Uber drivers would use their own cars to do the job in and most of them are paying heavily on road tax due to the amount of mileage they cover in comparison to others and this isn't particularly great for the environment either.

Uber has now partnered with the EV carmaker Arrival to make a car dedicated to Uber drivers by the third quarter of 2023 and this is the progress on it so far:

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Engadget on Arrival's Electric Car For Uber Drivers...

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