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The new luxury Sedan will guest-star in 'Spiderman: Homecoming' in July!

In an unusual twist, Audi will be previewing the upcoming 2019 A8 Sedan via "Spiderman"-themed TV spots ahead of car's debut on July 11th. Surprisingly, the ads offer the best official look at the next-gen luxury tank to date - or as much of a look as Audi permits the public for now. 

The purpose of these ads is to showcase the new sedan's safety ad driver assistance systems. But we have a sneaky suspicion that Audi will save the most impressive tech for the full reveal later in July ahead of the Frankfurt Motor Show.

The first ad previews the Sedan's Audi AI, a level 3 autonomous driver assist system offering eyes-off and hands-off autonomous driving in traffic jams, all the way up to 37mph! As the ad shows us, the A8 crawls along in rush-hour traffic, allowing the driver to take his attention off the road and his hands off the wheel!

The second ad previews more driver assist tech, include automatic parallel parking, and more of Audi AI traffic-jam assist system. The one thing, perhaps the most impressive, that isn't shown is remote self-parking.

Obviously, "Spiderman: AudiesHomecoming" will feature quite Audis, perhaps even the R8 that Tony Stark has been seen in and which kicked off Audi's participation in Marvel films. But only the new A8 will make its debut in the film itself, with the start of sales scheduled in 2019. 

"Movie fans will be the first to catch a glance at the luxurious sedan at the film premiere, which takes place in Los Angeles on June 28", Audi stated.


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