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Date: 2017-10-18

Video: Apollo Teases Their Latest Ie Hypercar! 2

Video: Apollo Teases Their Latest Ie Hypercar! 3

Video: Apollo Teases Their Latest Ie Hypercar! 4

Set to be an absolute track monster, the Apollo IE Hypercar will debut on October 24, 2017. Apollo Automobil has been teasing the Intensa Emozione hypercar for a few months and the company has finally published a fairly revealing teaser video to generate even more buzz. The 40-second video that can be seen below, will allow you to see some of the features the high-performance machine is going to boast, with the most obvious one being the massive rear wing linked to a central fin in the same vein as an LMP1 car. 

The Apollo Intensa Emozione was first teased in July but this newly released teaser video offers better previews of the exterior and interior design as well as the hypercar's exhaust note. It is immediately obvious that the Apollo IE will be focused on performance, with the video giving us an opportunity to hear the glorious soundtrack provided by what is expected to be a naturally aspirated V12 engine generating more than 800 horsepower. 

External shots of the hypercar reveal radical aerodynamic elements including a Le Mans-style shark fin, a huge rear wing, roof scoop and an incredibly-aggressive front fascia. 

The clip also reveals that the hypercar will have gullwing doors and a jet fighter-esque Start/Stop switch in the roof. 

Have a look at the Apollo IE teaser video below: 

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