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Here's the Audi commercial that has left people around the world outraged!

In the TV ad from China, a mother-in-law interrupts the wedding ceremony to inspect the bride to check whether she is up to standard and good enough. The inspection is quite rough – checking the bride's nose, ears and lips in quite a brutal manner. The bride gets an "okay", but a subtle (as subtle as a gun) warning to cover up her cleavage. 

"An important decision must be made carefully", the tagline says. This is referring to Ogilvy & Mather Beijing who promote used Audis that have been checked out and officially certified for resale.

Now social media has communicated the outrage of the public who say that the ad compares women to merchandise – in particular, comparing women to used cars that need to be checked from every angle. 

Audi has made campaigns that tackle gender stereotypes from Spain to the US, which makes this ad even more of a surprise. 

One social commenter contrasted the Chinese spot to Audi's messaging during the Super Bowl about equal pay for women. 

"Audi in China regards women as second-hand cars," one commenter wrote on Weibo. "But Audi in the US encourages women to believe in themselves, to realise their potential and to get the same pay as men". 

The commentator advised Audi to "think about its mistakes".

Audi did not reply to the email immediately, and Ogilvy China refused to comment. 

On the Chinese social media, there are regular bursts of outrage as well as praise about ad campaigns and their depiction of women, including when it comes to marriage. Women are under a lot of pressure to marry in China – at a certain age they are deemed "leftover women". But Procter & Gamble skincare SK-II has set out campaigns encouraging women to find their own path and resist these pressures. 

Whether it is for praise or critique, social media has A LOT to say about these ads.

What do you think about the ad? Comment with your opinion!

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