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There are a lot of car-related gold digger social experiments out there with pretty much the same storyline, this one though is on another level.

When it comes to the way that you treat people, it’s always good that you have a certain level of respect and try to live your life by the golden rule, you know, treating people like you want to be treated.

At first, this prank might seem a little bit mean, this girl, however, really had it coming to her by the way she acted. It’s as simple as that.

When the first guy in this video asks a girl hanging out outside of a restaurant if she wants to exchange numbers, he gets shot down, but later, when she sees the Mercedes that he is driving, her story changes. This is shortly after she agrees to meet up with the man who was originally driving the Benz, who she later rejects when she finds out that he’s “an employee.”

After the blonde decides that he is, in fact, good for her, prankster, Josh Paler Lin takes the opportunity to shut the door directly in her face.

Check out the prank in the video below and tell us what you think of this outcome. Was this a fair social experiment to play on somebody?

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