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The Fiat 500 is cute. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking at a classic example of the car or one of the new modern Fiats, they’re unapologetically adorable. The original wasn’t known for being particularly powerful with a 2-liter engine that made the car move, but that was it. This partiuclar Fiat hides a Hayabusa engine that gives it some serious track cred.

According to BangShift, it was spotted at track daty in Italy at the Misano Circuit where it attracted plenty of attention. This video shows curious onlookers giving it a closer inspection and shows the car strutting its stuff out on the track.

The engine originally powered a 1.3-liter sporbike to speeds of 180 mph, so it does just fine with the lightweight Fiat. The engine isn’t the only modification on this very speedy Fiat. The whole thing as been customized with performance in mind.

A few close-ups of the engine show show a push-rod suspension that’s serious business. Add a roll cage, big old fender flares, and a center driving position, and it’s clear this was designed for fun on the track.

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