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The new Smart Fortwo meets high safety standards, some of which far exceed legal requirements, it also offers comprehensive occupant protection. 

A crash test between the Smart Fortwo and the Mercedes S-Class was demonstrated by a recent in-house crash. You can see in the video below, the smaller and lighter vehicle – in the collision – hits the S-Class at an impact of 50 km/h with 50 percent overlap. 

The Smart car offers its two passengers an intact occupant space and excellent chances of survival, all in all, the new Smart Fortwo has undergone the same development programme as the new Mercedes-Benz S or C-Class. 

Daimler’s 75 years of safety expertise and Smart’s 21 years of expertise in building small cars have gone into the safety concept of the new Smart generation.

Have a look at the crash test in the video below to see the Mercedes-Benz and Smart car in action.

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