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The all–new sporty Lexus 450h sport SUV will be hitting the European market in the first quarter of 2018 and it is said to far surpass its predecessor. The Lexus RX range has been around for almost twenty years and was the first range to make a move towards a hybrid SUV environmentally friendlier car. Since then, the market has caught up and now offers a range of hybrid options ranging from Porsche to Land Rover.

Lexus has decided to step up their game to keep up with the competition and added a sporty flair to their new model which is only available as a hybrid 450h model. The sleek exterior of the vehicle is emphasized by the stylish black features like the side mirrors, the spindle styled grill and the 20–inch alloy wheels. The 450h is based on the midrange luxury version of the SUV differing only in a few small additions.

The standard Lexus comes fitted with LED headlights with an automatic high beam, leather or fabric upholstery, an audio system and either an 8 or 12–inch screen in the middle of the cabin. The model's performance specs have remained the same with a V6 hybrid engine that powers an all–wheel–drive system from a CVT transmission.

The SUV reaches speeds of 62mph in 7.7 seconds and although these aren't hair–raising speeds, it fulfills the needs of the demographic it was aimed at, and is comfortable in both city traffic and long open highways. The car will be on the market in 2018 for €53 995.

The 450h doesn't compete with the likes of Porsche but the sporty makeover will definitely attract some attention.

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