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This is the ultimate carbon fibre dream machine! It's the Lexus RC F Track Edition, and it's incredible.

As James from Donut Media says, "the If the legendary Lexus LFA were to have a little bro this would be it, the all-new 2020 Lexus RC-F Track Edition. In order to fully see what the new RC F Track Edition was capable of we took it to Thunderhill Raceway Park with our friend Kevin from Vsauce2 and it was … just watch the episode!"

If that isn't enticing enough, then how about 472hp from its super high revving 5.0-litre V8, carbon fibre everywhere, a red leather interior and a 0-60mph in 3.96 seconds.

Massive 6-piston calliper Brembo's in the front and 4-piston's in the back clamping on to the large 14.9-inch (300mm) carbon ceramic discs help this monster of a Lexus scrub off its speed.

But, this isn't your traditional Donut Media show. This time, James brings in his friend, Kevin from Vsauce2, who takes the words we don't understand and explains the science and physics in a way everyone can understand.

It's a 'hella' show, and you should watch it immediately. It makes me really, really want a Lexus RC F Track Edition in my garage.

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