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In the latest episode of Donut Media's "Up to Speed" series, the tale of the Toyota Supra is told by host James Pumphrey. The show begins by unravelling Yota's history with the inception of Toyota's Celica. The story then shifts to the evolution of the Celica, all the way to the Celica XX, which then became the Celica Supra.

Eventually, the Supra evolved into the sleek Mk4 or, as fans call it, the A80 chassis. With the last version of Toyota's much-loved Supra came one the best six-cylinder engines ever to leave production – the 2JZ. 

While the 2JZ-powered A80 Supra went on to be the best Supra, it was eventually yanked from North Amera in 1998 before going to production in 2002. 

During the A80's run, it became one of the most simple ways for aftermarket tuners to squeeze tons of power out of relatively stock cars. 

The car's leading role in "The Fast and The Furious" landed it as one of the major stars in the tuner era. Toyota finally noticed how many people loved the car, and is now in the stages of bringing another Supra to the world!

To find out more about one of the best Toyotas ever made – watch the video!

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