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Alpha G is born! Making it’s debut at TX2K16, Alpha G is a monstrous twin turbo GT-R piloted by Gidi, one of AMS Performance’s long time customers! This is a purpose built drag racing machine, laying down well over 2000hp and capable of pushing 70+psi of boost pressure! What’s even more impressive is the fact that all the passes in this video are at HALF the boost pressure this thing will be at when it’s at full power…holy SH*T!! AMS Performance is very popular in the GT-R world, being known for their Alpha performance packages as well as the famous Alpha Omega and it’s accomplishments at the Texas Invitational King of the Street class! Time after time, the AMS cars perform consistently in big racing events such as TX2K16. Watch out for Gidi and the Alpha G in the 2016 season as they go for the gold and break all the records! 

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