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We all know it. When you think of Toyota as a car to own, you think boring, daily commuter; basically just a point A to B car, for people like accountants and shop clerks, with little to no excitement in their lives. No one buys a modern day Toyota to be exciting and live on the edge. Yes Toyota's used to be make amazing cars in the past, like the Supra and the MR2 but all their current offerings are very bland. 

Enter Patrick Friesacher's Toyota Camry NASCAR, which he drove in anger at this years Goodwood Festival of Speed. This thing definitely gives Toyota a good name again, as it's a beast. This thing was so wild that it did a burnout which turned into flames and instead of stopping Patrick just carried on, eventually putting out the flames by just carrying on hooning his V8 monster. 

If only all Toyota's could be this exciting!

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