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Racecars have been spitting flames from their exhausts for decades already and so have some exclusive supercars as well, but it is becoming increasingly more popular in the tuner car scene for them to take on this trend, but what actually causes cars to shoot flames from the exhaust?

Well, there are a few ways in which this can be done. The first way is on modern-day supercars and hypercars which usually are mid-engined and have incredibly large displacements such as V10s and V12s and their exhausts are really short in comparison to front-engined road cars, and when you rev it to a point where the exhaust is so hot then it goes without saying that some excess unburnt fuel can make its way to the exhaust and then ignite. Secondly, we have anti-lag systems which are commonly used in rally cars where the time it takes for the turbo to spool up again after lifting off the throttle and to eliminate this process, an anti-lag system can be installed but a characteristic of this are flames out the exhaust. And finally, we have launch control or 2-Step software which allows you to change where the rev limiter is programmed for in order to launch perfectly.

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