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When new EVs are released, you still get thousands of hate posts from the automotive world’s keyboard warriors about how electric power is killing the combustion engine and that we’ll all be poorer for it. There’s not much that’s quite as satisfying as hearing a finely-tuned, high-revving normally aspirated powerplant at full tilt, or a monster of a turbocharged engine with open wastegates screaming bloody murder, but at the same time the world is progressing and the world of combustion engines has a limited shelflife. For those wanting to carry on tinkering and modifying combustion engines, they’ll have to move to a 3rd world country like right here in sunny old SA where the transition to EVs is going to take longer than most places. If you want to annoy these purists even more, show them modern classics and classics with EV transplants. These are a little harder to get used to, but chucking old tech in favour of battery power is helping keep some of these cars on the roads. In some cases, a fully electric powerplant is the only option. Either way, EV conversions into previously ICE-powered cars is no small undertaking and is best left to the professionals, like UK-based Everrati who specialise in electrifying classics. The bespoke outfit has created a few amazing cars, like the recently revealed Mercedes-Benz Pagoda, but it’s the widebody Porsche 911 964 from the late 80s and early 90s that has full the full attention of all of us here at SXdrv.

They call it the Signature 964 Porsche, and it’s pretty damn amazing. These conversions have been production-ready since 2021, and there are extras carried out to make it a complete restomod. The 964 gets a full carbon pack with the conversion, along with active sound (optional), full navigation, DAB+, Bluetooth, Apple Car Play, a new and uprated heater and air con and custom Porsche-inspired 5-gauge cluster dials. The car gets an electric motor, a 62 kWh battery pack with advanced battery management and temperature control, a custom Quaife limited-slip differential, an electronically-adjustable TracTive suspension system and a Performance Pack is offered as an option. The transplant gives the 964 a healthy 373 kW with 500 Nm of torque and has 322 km of range. This can get the car to 100 km/h in around 4 seconds, a decent 1.5 seconds quicker than its petrol-powered counterpart. The conversion to electric power even sees the weight and weight distribution close to the original, and if any regrets happen, the conversion is fully reversible. One catch to the conversion is that pricing starts at £290,000, option-dependent, so it can be a right costly affair. The major catch is that you have to supply the 911 964, and then there’s the shipping costs to get it to California where it's built. We reckon this is the best of both worlds, you get to have the latest technology powering a car with timeless looks.

Take a look at the YouTube video from the EV specialists Everrati with their take on futureproofing the best of the air-cooled Porsches, the 911 964, by removing the turbocharged flat-6 and outfitting the car with a fully electric setup. The car may be missing the signature Porsche soundtrack, or any soundtrack at all, but the performance available os on par and then some: Everrati. The story so far... | Everrati

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