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Have you heard of the Slovenian automaker called Tushek? The company knows what it's doing, as evident in the previously released TS900 Apex or the TS900 Pro Racer cars from a couple of years ago. The automotive outfit specialises in creating exclusive, limited-edition hypercars, prototypes, and bespoke models. Their website claims their obsession lies in the art of lightweight engineering, precision track agility, and high-performance excellence. The company operates near the birthplace of founder and CEO, Aljoša Tušek, who is also a highly-regarded Slovenian racing champion, and so motorsport heritage is the driving force behind the company’s philosophy. A big selling point for the automaker is that they only make use of in-house developed and patented drivetrains. The unveiling of the company’s latest creation recently took place, and while the full details on it haven’t been revealed as yet, the stuff we do know shows that the car is going to be seriously competitive in the world of supercars and hypercars. “Aeon heralds a new dawn in hypercar production, with personalization at the forefront. Each vehicle is individually tailored to its owner to create an unparalleled bond,” says Tušek.  For the Aeon, production will be produced in limited numbers, just like the previous models created by Tushek. The Aeon will be available with a hybrid-electric option and a fully-electric version called the Aeon E.

“Here at Tushek, we are shaping the future of hypercars. We are pleased to present AEON, an innovative model that will shake up the world of superfast cars. The main reason we created AEON is because we don’t just want to compete, we want to dominate. What really sets AEON apart is its unprecedented power-to-weight ratio, backed by the latest technology.” continues Tušek. The two versions of the Aeon will both be serious contenders in the market. The Aeon will be a plug-in hybrid with a petrol-powered V8 mated to an electric motor to give it an all-wheel drive setup. It’s claimed that this version will push out a whopping 1,930 hp and will weigh just 1,480 kg, which affords the car an amazing power-to-weight ratio of 1.3:1. As if that’s not mental enough, the all-electric Aeon E will have a reported power output in excess of 2,500 hp. With more batteries needed, the car is a bit heavier with a kerb weight of just below 1,600 kg, and that gives this one a  power-to-weight ratio of 1.7:1. “Aeon heralds a new dawn in hypercar production, with personalization at the forefront. Each vehicle is individually tailored to its owner to create an unparalleled bond. Our launch concept allows customers to fully customise the interior of the vehicle. This sets us apart from other suppliers worldwide and ensures that each vehicle is truly unique,” says Tušek. These few details are already mightily impressive, but here at SXdrv we’ll be patiently waiting for the full details and specs of the cars that should be released by the end of the month. If it’s interesting enough, we’ll let you know.

Take a look at the YouTube video that shows off pretty much what you already see here, the stunning new Tushek Aeon, a Slovenian-built hypercar that will be available with a highly-tuned V8 lump or a full-electric setup that should see the car push out almost 2,000 powers of horse. If it's anything like the TS900 Apex or the TS900 Pro Racer that the firm has previously released, the Aeon should be one seriously impressive car. While the full package of specs and details will only be revealed in a couple of weeks, what we see here already makes us want to play the US lotto: 2024 Tushek Aeon | Daily Car Reveals

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