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Where is Elon Musk's $100K Tesla Roadster that he sent to space two years ago and how far has it travelled?

In February of 2018, Elon Musk commissioned a side project with SpaceX to launch a $100K Tesla Roadster, nicknamed Starman, into space with the help of the iconic Falcon Heavy rocket. It is estimated that the Tesla Roadster has travelled an equivalent distance of that of all the road networks on Earth...22 times over!

When you watch a live stream of the space travelling Tesla Roadster, you don't get a good sense of how fast it's actually moving, but its cruising at around 6,000 miles per hour! So after two years of doing exactly that, you can assume that it's covered some decent distance.

Currently, the Tesla Roadster is 215.6 million miles from Earth, and is relatively close to Mars at a distance of 90 million miles from the red planet!

If Elon Musk can get a Tesla Roadster to cruise around Mars, there is no doubt in our minds that he will land a craft there in the future.

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