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It might seem rather bizarre that the FIA has implemented a minimum fuel limit that F1 cars and teams have to meet as who would start a Grand Prix with an empty tank and if they have to refuel and waste valuable time then it's on them and thus won't affect anyone else, but that's only half the story...

In order to reduce excessive spending in the world of F1, the FIA has implemented a rule that dictates that a team may not modify or add performance additives into the fuel mixture at any given time.

The minimum fuel limit is a way to ensure that the FIA gets an accurate result when testing for additives at the end of each race weekend.

Why the number is 1 litre exactly is rather unclear, but in order to detect particles in leftover fuel, the more it has to begin with the more accurate the results may be.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: WTF1 on Why Do F1 Cars Have A Minimum Fuel Limit?...

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