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It's time for a laugh! Check out the worst-rated products you can actually buy on Amazon.

There are a ton of fantastic products and accessories you can buy for your car on Amazon but, before you blow your entire Christmas bonus on cool car stuff, please, please, please make sure to read the reviews! Some of them will shock you!

Take a look at this list of the absolute worst car products you can buy on Amazon:

1: Heated Steering Wheel Cover: Having a heated steering wheel sounds like an awesome idea, but too bad for you if you don't own a car that has this feature! Don't worry, though, there is a product available on Amazon to keep your paws nice and cosy during those winter months! However, there is one major flaw...this heated steering wheel cover has to be permanently wired into your 12-volt socket, which can potentially get stuck into your steering wheel mechanism and can end up being fatal if you can't make the turn!

2: Adjustable Cup Holder: Cup holders are one of the most useful accessories in any car! But, unfortunately, some cars don't have them (like we experienced in our SXdrv Audi TT Road Trip which you can check out here). You can most definitely order some fantastic ones, but the one you'll see in the video below will have you scratching your head. This one is designed to be clipped into your side window slot. So, first of all, it will prevent you from opening or closing your window when the cup holder is installed, and furthermore, it's in a rather stupid place, when you turn your steering wheel you'll hit your beverage cup!

3: Steering Wheel Laptop Tray: In order to see value in this product, you'll have to use your imagination a bit. First of all, how many people will be using a laptop in the car and for how long? We like to assume that passengers will use laptops in a car more often than the driver, unless the car is parked. This product, however, is designed to only work with the steering wheel. Secondly, you'll have to readjust your seat to a further backwards position to allow for more space, and the tray is rather small. Maybe your lap is more suitable?

4: Car Sun Visor: This product is not a replacement for your standard sun visors, but rather an extension for it. It has two translucent visors, one that is tinted, and one that is yellow, apparently to reduce glare. As far as we can tell, sunglasses are a far better solution!

5: Auto Fuel Economy Saver and Power Enhancer: This product is a small device that you simply plug into your 12 Volt power socket and claims to save you between 10% and 30% fuel, and give you a significant boost in performance. You don't have to be an engineer to understand that this is a complete scam and a total waste of money, and quite frankly, this product needs to be banned.

6: Cooling Massage Seat Cover: This is a product that might grab a lot of peoples attention. You're cars aircon is one thing, but what about your back and butt? This seat cover claims to cool your back through a network of tubes and a fan and, on top of everything else, it will give you a lovely massage while you're cruising along! Sounds great right? However, the fan is not more powerful than a PC fan, and the massage function is nothing shy of a vibrator.

7: Steering Wheel Grip: A steering wheel knob or grip has it's place. It is popular amongst truck drivers where the steering wheel is more angled downwards and is quite large, and is a very helpful accessory amongst amputees as well. However, this particular product is more for cosmetic reasons and is quite large. Worse, after using the product for a short time, it damages the material on the steering wheel.

8: Car Dining Plate: THis product serves to be useful in the event that you want to have a place to store your food while eating in the car. Sounds like a fantastic product to help you eat without messing. But the problem with this product is that the plate itself has tiny bevelled edges so your food will just slide off while driving and is incredibly unstable.

9: Universal Turbo Sound Exhaust Muffler: Everyone loves the sound of a turbo, but if you don't own a turbocharged car and still want the street cred, then this product is for you! Or is it? Once installed, this product will give off a whine that sounds more like a lifeguard whistle, warning when there is a shark in the water, than a T66 turbo. Nevertheless, if your car has dual or quad pipes, this product simply doesn't work at all as it needs a lot of exhaust gas flow to actually make a sound.

10: Portable Unisex Toilet: Hate public toilets or don't want to do your business in a public toilet due to the pandemic? Then having this portable unisex toilet might be an option. As much as we regret saying this, there are technically no flaws that we can spot. The portable unisex car toilet is an attachment that will screw on to any plastic empty beverage bottle and then you can simply relieve yourself in the car. But, the problem is who in their right mind would want to potentially risk the interior of their car if you get it wrong. And if you have passengers...well, it would be rather awkward!

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