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You can now rent your favourite JDM car with a US-based company called Rent JDM.

A new exclusive car rental company based in Las Vegas now offers people the opportunity to drive their favourite JDM car, most of which are modified!

Thankfully, the Motorex scandal is now done and dusted (The US import and drive ban on Nissan Skyline GT-R's), and the public are now allowed to purchase and own them. However, that pushes up the price to a point where they are almost out of reach for most people, but don't worry, Rent JDM has your back.

In order to rent these cars, there are certain driver requirements to meet. A driver has to have a valid licence and be over the age of 25, some other, more exclusive cars require the driver to be older.

A driver may not refuel the car themselves as some require E85, but Rent JDM will ensure you have sufficient fuel and will assist you on the road if required.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Craig Lieberman, on You Can Now Rent A R34 GT-R – Discover Rent JDM.

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