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The European Commission has announced a fresh set of safety proposals, which would force all new cars to feature autonomous emergency braking, lane keeping assistance, reversing cameras, and driver fatigue detection by 2021.

A total of 11 systems will become mandatory for new cars introduced to the market by that date if the proposals are approved, saving an estimated 7,300 lives and preventing 38,900 serious injuries between 2020 and 2030.

Autonomous emergency braking (AEB) has long been expected to become mandatory on new cars. The system – which automatically applies a car’s brakes if a driver fails to slow for an obstacle – is thought to reduce rear-end collisions by 38 percent. Reversing cameras, meanwhile, recently became mandatory on new cars sold in America, and are predicted to save 95 US lives a year.

Under the proposals, all new cars brought to the EU market from 2021 must also feature 'over-ridable intelligent speed assistance'. This will entail traffic sign recognition cameras working in harmony with a car’s speed limiter, automatically setting a car's top speed based on prevailing limits.

New cars will also have to be fitted with accident data recorders by 2021, logging telematics information following any collision. Pre-wiring for alcohol interlocks will also be required, allowing problem drunk-drivers to easily have an interlock device fitted. This would prevent a car being started without a 'clean' sample of breath being provided.

Emergency stop signalling – which flashes the hazard or brake lights when a car brakes heavily – are also set to become mandatory, as will improved seatbelts, side-impact protection systems and pedestrian impacts zones.

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