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It's out with the street circuits and back to traditional race tracks with the Formula 1 French Grand Prix that took place this past weekend.

All eyes were on Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton once again as, over the past few races, we have seen Max Verstappen slowly but surely securing his lead in the championship.

But, now that we are back on conventional racetracks, Hamilton showed he was still in the game. Friday's Practice 1 was tough, but he got better as the weekend progressed, securing second place in qualifying.

Straight after lights out in the main race, Max Verstappen suffered a minor oversteer exiting the first corner, forcing him off the track and handing Hamilton the lead. Red Bull decided to swap out their tyres on lap 18 and, with Red Bull's class-leading pitstops combined with a blistering out-lap from Max, put him just ahead of Lewis once again.

After several laps, Hamilton was in DRS range of Verstappen, and Red Bull was now under serious pressure by Mercedes. Although the Red Bull had superior straight-line speed, the team decided to box Max Verstappen once again with 19 laps to go. This ensured he will have better grip over Hamilton and, in turn, faster lap times.

Mercedes Benz decided to keep Hamilton out with the hope that his rubber would last until the end of the race. Max Verstappen inched closer and closer to Hamilton, and finally reached him in the penultimate lap of the race, overtook, and secured a win for Red Bull once again!

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, WTF1, on the Internets Best Reactions To The French Grand Prix 2021.

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