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F1 2022 race team car launch event dates and what we want to see.

The 2022 F1 season is just around the corner and the first lights out will be on the 20th of Marth 2022.

However, with that said, we still have yet to see what the race teams cars will look like, but fortunately, most of them have already set dates for their 2022 F1 car reveals!

Here are the dates for the 2022 F1 Race Team Car Launches:

  • Mercedes AMG - W13 Launch Date - 18th February 2022
  • McLaren - MCL36 Launch Date - 11th February 2022
  • Ferrari - Ferrari F1 2022 Launch Date - 16th, 17th or 18th February 2022.
  • Red Bull - RB18 Launch Date - 14th February 2022
  • Aston Martin - AMR22 Launch Date - 10th February 2022

We have seen a lot of speculation around what the 2022 F1 cars will bring to the table, however, they are indeed going to be rather different both visually and on the track. However, we would absolutely love to see the 2022 F1 cars in their race team livery. However, with such a drastic design change, we would also love to see the livery being updated to fit this new era of F1.

With the new 2022 F1 cars and the season as a whole, there are also some rule changes that have been implemented by the FIA and they are:

  • All cars will have ground effect floors, with two long channels running along their lengths, generating downforce but producing a smaller wake, and making them less sensitive to that of the car ahead.
  • The front wing and endplates are simpler, with a four-element wing and a single-element endplate.
  • The rear wings are a new shape that should generate downforce but send more dirty air up and over the car behind. These wings still incorporate a Drag Reduction System (DRS) and will be connected to the car by a lower beam wing and two vertical swan neck supports.
  • Bargeboards have been banned. 
  • Standardised flat wheel covers have been introduced to stop teams from developing wheel-cover aero devices and reduce outwash, where turbulent air is forced outwards from the wheels.
  • Front-wheel deflectors will be incorporated to limit aerodynamic outwash.
  • The shaping of brake ducts for downforce gains has been limited.
  • Wheels now measure 18-inches rather than 13-inches, meaning the Pirellis will now more closely resemble the lower-profile tyres of many road cars. The increase in size should make them less sensitive to temperature changes, therefore allowing drivers to push for longer and worry less about slides damaging the tyres.
  • How the suspension connects to the wheels has been simplified, meaning components must mount directly to the wheel hub.
  • A standard tyre pressure sensor will be fitted to all cars.
  • Parts are divided into five categories, namely listed (a team must design and own all of the IP, like the chassis), standard supply components (designed by a designated supplier, like the tyre pressure sensor), transferrable (can be supplied from one team to another, like the gearbox), prescribed (built by teams to a set specification) and open source (free for teams to design to their own spec but all details must be made available to other teams).
  • The fuel will change from having a 5.75 to a 10 per cent bio-component (E10) with a near-zero carbon footprint.
  • The chassis must be able to absorb 48 and 15 per cent more energy respectively in front and rear impact tests. The sides of the chassis are stronger, too, while the nose is longer to further help dissipate energy in a crash. 
  • The minimum car weight has risen from 752kg to 790kg.

source - goodwood.com

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