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A humorous video by Donut Media to outrun the five-O.

Nolan Sykes, a presenter at Donut Media goes into depth on five steps on how to outrun the police from a car enthusiasts point of view. So, hypothetically speaking, what would increase your odds of getting away with the next big heist?

In the video below, Nolan lists his 5 steps in this order:

Step number one: Choosing the right car.
This is probably the most difficult one of them all. How do you go about choosing the right car? Most people would tend to go straight to a supercar of some sort, however, Nolan goes onto explain why it is most likely a bad decision as supercars are highly recognisable and have very little ground clearance to get you out of some sticky situations!

Step number two: Plan, plan, plan!
Nolan goes on to point out a true fact that, in most cases, when you witness footage from a real police pursuit that the runners usually don't have any plan whatsoever and are clearly running towards hopes and dreams. If you want to succeed you need to have a solid plan and know that when you're in doubt, know your way out!

Step number three: Know how to drive.
If you're trying to get away from the cops who are already experienced drivers, you're going to have to know what you're doing at those speeds and, not to mention, you're putting yourself and many others at great risks by driving on public roads!

Step number four: Do the unexpected.
Cops have been through mass amounts of training to be as prepared for a pursuit as they possibly can be, and most of this is based on events in the past. So what will help you is to know exactly how to throw a spanner in the works when needed to get the cops off your trail!

Step Number five:
Learn how to order a margarita in Espanol. When you have successfully completed your mission, you'll be living out your life in style and enjoying the finer things in life!

You will get caught, there are no two ways around it! Stay safe... keep your job.

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