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As cars evolve with time their designers are constantly looking at new and innovative ways to improve on the previous model which clearly push the technology forward regardless if it's for efficiency, practicality, safety or purely for aesthetical reasons. However, in doing so, you'd be surprised at just how some of these modern features absolutely kill the main reasons why we love cars to begin with:

  1. Interior warning beep sounds - Modern cars have chimes that are supposed to be there to warn the driver of any lights switched on if the keys are in the ignition or even if some doors are unlocked but they are so sensitive about it, what if I just opened my door to sit in my car? I can't now because of that annoying warning beep!
  2. Idle Rev Limiters - Like seriously? Rev limiters are a good thing and are usually calibrated for just below the red line, however, modern performance cars will limit you around 4000 RPM at idle and that's all you get.
  3. Electronic Parking Brakes - They are heavier, more complicated and far more expensive, why implement this into cars to replace the traditional e-brake?
  4. Removing shift knobs - More and more modern cars don't even come standard with shift knobs anymore, instead, you get a little popup dial that you can select what gear you want to shift to.
  5. Fake Exhaust Noise - The idea was to allow the driver to hear the tone of the engine and exhaust without interrupting the people outside...this is the biggest automotive failure in the past 2 decades.

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