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Take a look at these 6 cheap and free car mods anyone can do.

Have you ever been to a car meet or event that showcases some of the most insane car builds you have ever seen, and thought to yourself that you'll never be able to afford those upgrades? Think insane rims, that wrap design, those killer stereo systems and perhaps that type of suspension to give your ride the ultimate stance.

Well, you might be pleasantly surprised to know that not all car mods have to break the bank. All you need is some creativity and a few basic tools to get some pretty sweet mods installed to your ride.

Here are 6 car mods that are cheap or possibly free:

  1. Blackout emblems and grills
    Don't take your car to a paint shop for this job as you'll end up spending crazy amounts of cash and, even worse, paint is permanent. The next best thing is getting a few cans of Plasti-Dip which will give you a clean finish, and it's non-destructive.

  2. Tinted/coloured headlights
    DON'T buy aftermarket headlights if you don't have to. Thankfully, there is a huge selection of Laminex films available in all different colours and tints. Cut them up to size and lay them on for only a few $$$.

  3. Better Throttle Response For Free
    If you're rolling in a slightly older car, chances are that your throttle is controlled by a cable. If you notice that your throttle takes time to kick in, chances are your cable needs tightening.

  4. Rain Visors
    This mod doesn't appeal to everyone, but if you're living in an area where it rains a lot, and you want to get a breath of fresh air without flooding your car, get yourself a set of rain window visors.

  5. Upgrade Your Headlight Bulbs
    Safety first, and always ensure that your headlight bulbs are working at all times. But, if you want a modern fresh look, there are tonnes of aftermarket bulbs you can buy, each with a different power output and colour.

  6. Short Shifter
    Is your car lacking that sporty feel when shifting gears? You can pick yourself up a short shifter gear knob for a couple of bucks, which will drastically improve the feel and engagement while driving.

Take a look at the video by the YouTube channel, Ideal Media, on 6 cheap and free car mods anyone can do.

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