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Here are 6 F1 drivers who, quite embarrassingly, have crashed behind the safety car during an F1 Grand Prix.

It goes without saying that in motorsport, where precision and consistency is key, from time-to-time a driver will make a mistake. A lot of the time, the race team engineer understands this, regardless how frustrating it can be. But, there are some moments in F1 where saying sorry is no excuse! As for the driver, well, they're probably left feeling quite embarrassed to say the least!

Here are 6 F1 drivers that have had a crash behind the safety car:

  1. Jenson Button - 2000 Italian F1 Grand Prix
  2. Lewis Hamilton - 2008 Canadian F1 Grand Prix
  3. Michael Schumacher - 2004 Monaco F1 Grand Prix
  4. Sebastian Vettel - 2007 Japanese F1 Grand Prix
  5. Romain Grosjean - 2018 Azerbaijan F1 Grand Prix
  6. George Russel - 2020 Emilia Romagna F1 Grand Prix

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, WTF1, on 6 F1 Drivers That Have Crashed Behind The Safety Car.

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