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Want to drift something rather out of the norm? Check out these 9 drift car alternatives that are surprisingly good.

Think about the drift car culture for a second, what comes to mind? You're probably thinking along the lines of the Nissan 240SX's, Skyline GTR's, Sivia's, Nissan 350Z, 370Z's, and possibly the odd Supra in the mix as well.

But the more time goes on, the rarer it becomes to find one of these cars in good condition. Not to mention that, because of the nostalgic car culture behind most of those cars, the price gets increasingly more expensive as time goes by.

But that doesn't necessarily mean that drifting is limited to just those types of cars at all.

Donut Media has compiled a list of 9 surprisingly good drift cars: 

  1. Ford MN12
  2. BMW E39
  3. Chevrolet S-10
  4. Subaru Outback
  5. Porsche 944
  6. Chrysler Crossfire
  7. Mercedes C Class W203
  8. Infinity J30
  9. Tesla Model 3

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Donut Media, on 9 surprisingly good drift cars.

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