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Check out this 9-year-old get the hang of driving a manual transmission... in a Lamborghini Gallardo.

Remember back in the day when you got your first driving lesson? Most of us were in our mid to late teens during that period of life, some of us older, and some of us far younger, but what we can all agree on is that being able to drive and passing your drivers test is a huge milestone in your life.

Getting your drivers licence and your first car finally gives you that freedom of going anywhere you want whenever you want and, to a large extent, teaches you a lot of responsibility too!

But before you get there, you have to tackle and excel at controlling a car, which is incredibly daunting at first, especially if you're learning to drive in a car with a manual transmission.

What we see here in the video below, is a 9-year-old kid getting his very first driving experience. And if 9-years-old isn't amazing enough, this kid is learning a manual transmission in a Lamborghini Gallardo supercar!

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Vehicle Virgins, on 9-year-old drives a Manual Lamborghini, a world record.

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