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We’re hoping this latest release from the creative folk at Liberty Walk signifies a new annual tradition for the Japanese aftermarket component company. It was pretty much a year ago to the day that they introduced the automotive world to their much-anticipated take on a classic Ferrari F40 at the Tokyo Auto Salon. The automotive event is where many new products and builds are showcased, and Liberty Walk has been there before, but seeing as they just revealed a full Liberty Walk Lamborghini Countach we hope it's a sign. How cool would it be if the Tokyo Auto Salon became the place where Liberty Walk revealed their signature wide-arch body kits on classic supercars and sportscars? Dropping the F40 got instant worldwide attention, possibly more than most of the builds they’ve done, and if you’ve checked any sort of automotive feeds online you’ll see the Countach is following the same path. It comes just at the right time too, thanks to a renewed interest in buying and selling 80s and 90s supercars and sportscars. Clean ones are fetching good money, and when it comes to the Lamborghini Countach even a wrecked one sold for more money than most average people spend in a lifetime. The replacement for the celebrated Muira, the Countach saw a 16-year production run the newest of which was seen in 1990. The coolest engine setup seen at that time was the 5.2 litre V12 that sent 335 kW and 500 Nm of torque to the rear wheels, a massive lump of Italian awesomeness with a soundtrack of epic proportions. It’s one of the best-looking Lamborghinis ever, especially if you were a kid just getting into cars when this thing was at its prime.

While we can hear purists losing their collective minds seeing this Liberty Walk Lamborghini Countach, yet it really doesn’t look like it’s been modernised. Well, not that much that it takes away from the car’s original lines. It’s lucky really that the Countach lines are actually quite simple, it keeps everything looking just right. With the right editing pics of this car could look like they’re 30 years old. The Liberty Walk kit for the 80s Countach is comprised of a front bumper, front diffuser, front race-style canards, side skirts, side diffusers, a rear diffuser, a rear wing, an awesome roof air intake and those signature wide fenders all around. The widened Countach rolls on some very tasty, very deep-dish, very custom Rohana wheels, and they’re tucked all up in that kit thanks to the usual LWB choice of air ride. A custom ArmyTrix exhaust sets the tone of the, well, tone. The complete package looks great, this 90s kid cannot find fault on this Lamborghini, it’s exactly how we’d spec it if it were our own. There’s no word on pricing just yet, or if there are any changes or upgrades available to improve the performance, besides the exhaust. Check out the reception of the car at Tokyo Auto Salon where it was shown alongside the F40 and a bunch of other wickedly cool cars. What are your thoughts on this Liberty Walk Lamborghini Countach? If this does become an annual tradition, showing off an iconic classic with a full wide-arch body kit, what do you think the car for 2025 should be? We reckon it should be a Lancia Rally 037 or a Ford RS200.

Take a look at the YouTube video from the Liberty Walk crew's shenanigans at this year's Tokyo Auto Salon where they showed off a host of awesome LWB cars, including the new highlight of the lineup - the LWB Lamborghini Countach. We love it, everything about it. We're playing the US lottery thanks to this car: TOKYO AUTO SALON 2024 | LIBETY WALK  | LIBERTY WALK

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