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Can a regular person drive an F1 car with ease? Driving an F1 car is by far not as easy as you might think.

Sam, from the YouTube channel SeenThroughGlass, has always been a huge F1 fan, and his dream was to to be an F1 world champion. Unfortunately, he did not quite make it, but always tried to be involved in motorsport. After landing a deal to be involved in a campaign with the car manufacturer and Reanult F1 sponsor, Infinity, he gets the rare opportunity to fully test out a true F1 car at an official F1 track in France.

After Sam's training in an F4 car, and then a briefing of its big brother, he then gets to officially climb into an F1 car. His first realisation is how an F1 driver almost lies down in the car and its quite comfortable, however, with a limited view because of how low you sit. The most difficult parts of the F1 driving experience is getting used to how high the car revs. You can't base it on engine sound or how used to a normal car you are, an F1 car is completely different as it revs to between 15,000 and 18,000rpm.

Sam also expresses how hard you have to press on the brake pedal before it responds. He pushed as hard as he could on approach to the first corner on his hot lap and the computers recorded that he only applied just 40% brake pedal pressure, a professional F1 driver hits 100% on every corner. Another realisation Sam had was how fit, mentally and physically, a professional F1 driver needs to be in order to withstand the massive of G-forces experienced at every corner for an average of 70 laps during each Grand Prix.

Take a look at the video below on Sam's F1 dreams becoming a reality as he experiences taking an F1 car out on a few laps.

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