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Take a classic 1970’s Porsche, completely rebuild it to the highest standard, add some key modern touches and you get Dutchmann’s majestic, magnificent Weekend Racer Sport.

People always say don’t buy an expensive car, as it’s a depreciating asset. This is true in some instances but definitely not for a classic Porsche. It is one of the best automotive investments you can make today and it’s so worth it.

Dutchmann’s philosophy is to take early 1970s Porsches, strip them down and completely rebuilt them to the best standards possible, adding some new parts into the mix, still utilizing only original Porsche parts that blend in perfectly with the flow and period correctness of the cars.

This beauty right here came out of the factory as a 1971 911 long hood that was then later built to a 1973 Viper Green 2.7 Carrera RS ‘lightweight’ spec by Porsche specialist Tim Abbot for a collector in 2004. Dutchmann then got hold of it and started to do their magic tricks on it. Their Carrera 'Weekend Racer Sport' is based on the Carrera RS's simple concept that 'less weight plus more power means more speed'. So they set out to build a car that would be a serious contender for the weekend racetrack, but also keeping in mind the realities of modern-day living. So with their goals in place they rebuilt the car entirely over 18 months using their network of master craftsmen. This started with a full body strip and re-spray, including the undercarriage, done in the same iconic Viper Green colour it was before.

After the new colour was adorned onto the bodywork, a full restoration was carried out, including new rubbers, seals, belts, trim pieces and panels. New OEM Porsche ‘S’ trim with new OEM ‘73 2.7 Carrera Rocker panels were installed on the exterior. On the engine side, Rob Scott did a bottom up motor rebuild. It was upgraded with 92mm pistons, making it 2.8L, also giving it an increased compression ratio and then ‘S’ type cams were installed as well. The original casing was re-skimmed, lined and bored with a new crankshaft, new bearings was put in as well as resized con-rods. Precise CC also gave the car an optimum compression ratio of 10.3:1. A dual import exhaust was attached to the motor and a full transmission rebuild was carried out (915 – with a short shift).

With the motor and body done, the car then received some very special Dutchmann signature items. These started with a full interior refurbishment, consisting of carpets, seating, hood lining, piping, Napa leather dash etc. A set of Porsche Tombstone seats was also slotted in along with a smaller diameter original Porsche 2.7 RS steering wheel and Dutchmann badge in milled aluminium mounted on the front side of the dashboard. The interior of this beauty is really one of the best places to be and it must be a real dream to drive!

Thanks to contemporary braking in the form of Porsche 996 Calipers with 3.2 Carrera vented rotors, the car can also stop like a modern Porsche now and these and fitting over these, finishing the car of perfectly is a set of bespoke milled Dutchmann Cup 1 wheels, because we all know, that no car is complete without the perfect set of wheels!

Dutchmann has really taken the classic Porsche market to a next level, just by simply taking something amazing and making it extraordinary!


Car Specs

Model: 1971 Porsche Carrera 911 long hood
Power: 250HP
Engine: Rebuilt Carrera 2.7 engine, 92mm pistons, ‘S’ type cams, reskimmed, lined and bored casing, new crankshaft, new bearings, resized con-rods, dual import exhaust, 10.3:1 compression ratio, rebuilt transmission(915 – with a short shift)
Exterior: Full body strip and re-spray, including the undercarriage, Viper Green spraypaint, Full body restoration with new rubbers, seals, belts, trim pieces and panels, OEM Porsche ‘S’ trim with new OEM ‘73 2.7 Carrera Rocker panels
Interior: Full interior refurbishment including new carpets, seating, hood lining, piping and Napa leather dash, Porsche Tombstone seats, Porsche 2.7 RS steering wheel, Dutchmann badge in milled aluminium
Wheels: 996 Calipers with 3.2 Carrera vented rotors, Dutchmann Cup 1 wheels





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