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Date: 2018-10-11

Take a trip to Dubai with automotive photographer, Pepper Yandell, with this tour vlog.

Automotive photographer, Pepper Yandell, travels the world photographing the most extraordinary cars in the most breathtaking places. This video documents Pepper’s latest excursion to the UAE to experience Dubai’s rich car culture.

In one scene he says: "An hour ago I was driving a Porsche 918, now I'm in a La Ferrari," what a lifestyle that must be. Getting paid to travel the world, photographing and driving the best supercars the world has to offer.


A Tour To Dubai With Photographer Pepper Yandell 2

When Pepper first started getting shared on big Instagram pages such as @black_list, he started gaining a following. Since then, he’s gained international attention, which led to this trip to Dubai. On this trip, he got the chance to drive a LaFerrari, Porsche 918, GT2 and other incredible cars. Supercars club, Arabia, brought him along for the Omanya Rally, which took them to the world-renowned Yas Marina Circuit.

From an $80,000 a night hotel room to driving million dollar hypercars, Pepper took the ultimate tour of Dubai. Instagram is filled with luxury pictures, but Pepper takes us behind the scenes to show us that it is no joke. The United Arab Emirates is a truly spectacular place with incredible cars at every corner.

Check out the video of Pepper visiting Dubai the right way.


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