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Just the other day we showed you another one of those cool home (or famous YouTube workshop) builds that sees a popular sports car being converted to a lifted version to be able to do silly things on gravel roads and to be driven in places that the regular version isn’t really suited to. This comes off the back of some of the world’s top sportscar makers doing the same thing with some special projects that garnered so much interest that they became actual series production cars. Porsche was the automaker that really kicked this new trend off with its 911 Dakar. It’s essentially the same as a normal road-going 911 but has seen all the necessary changes to make it work off the beaten path. It’s lifted, has a completely different suspension geometry, features underbody protection and a bunch of associated changes to make it fun and fast. While the Porsche 911 Dakar was released in the middle of 2023, the original version was first seen way back in 1984 when a 911 was outfitted to be able to compete in the then Paris-Dakar race. Not to be outdone, Lamborghini jumped on board and also released one of their iconic supercars in the same kind of spec. They called their entrant into this “new” segment the Huracán Sterrato. The car is every bit as amazing as a regular Huracán, but it too was lifted, protected and tuned to be the most fun you can have in a Lamborghini with your clothes on. Having a high-revving normally aspirated V10 that you can use to kick up sand rooster tails without causing any damage to the car is just next-level awesome. On the aftermarket side, one of the newly unveiled projects in this vein came from YouTuber Adam LZ who has equipped one of Nissan’s most popular GT-Rs with all the right bits to play in a setting they don’t usually play in.

For this project, Adam ensured the Nissan R32 GT-R was powered by the iconic RB26 powerplant, but not before it received a few choice modifications. He actually carried out a comprehensive build on various sections of the car that’s now called the GT-R Safari. If you take a closer look you’ll see things like a Link ECU, a Radium Engineering fuel system, Deatschwerks injectors, a PWR Advanced Cooling Technology intercooler, a Platinum Racing Products trigger, head, drain and coil kit, an Artec Performance manifold, a Wiring Specialties harness, and a Driver Motorsports catch-can. The main power additive is the sizeable GTX3576 Gen 2 turbo that allows the Safari to have a healthy 500 hp that’s sent to all four wheels. The drivetrain is switchable too, the car can be driven in all-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive only, depending on what the conditions call for. The suspension was sorted out with BC Racing long travel suspension, and other off-road components include JDM-style wheels that lock into the Nitto Nomad Grappler all-terrain tyres, a Nismo off-road roof rack with an array of spotlights and a custom Bell Raceworks bash bar. When we first saw the car it was ok, but since then LZ has tweaked a few things and put the car through some rigorous testing. The first test was ok, the second test included trying to ramp the car to see how it handles, and it didn’t do as expected. What you see here is more testing, a proper jump, some sideways action and a few changes to the setup. These lifted builds are great, we can’t wait to see what others pop up around the world. Hopefully during 2024 we’ll see the SXdrv Mk1 Audi TT project done too.

Take a look at the YouTube video from Adam LZ's awesome compound where he plays with the coolest JDM toys that keep over 3,500,000 subscribers entertained. In this one, he tests his awesome R32 GT-R Safari project car's capabilities with an impressive jump, some AWD drifting and a few updates to the car in the workshop. This is the 2nd jumping attempt, and a much better one too with some Jordan-like hang time: Safari GTR - AWD Drifting + Jump Redemption | Adam LZ 

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