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Korean automaker Hyundai is doing all the right things. Over the last few years, they’ve cemented themselves as a top-tier brand and have released a hoist of amazing cars under the signature N sub-brand. Some basic models wear an N badge, but they’re sorta the equivalent to what VW does with its R-Line kits, more looks than anything else. Then there are the legit N models, and these are like VW’s actual R models - motorsport-inspired with brilliant power, tuned suspension and they offer up a fast drive. The most well-known is the i30N, but there are siblings in the stable like the i20N and the Kona N, among others. To keep up with the way vehicle production is going, there are also full EV models that wear the N logo. The one that’s been seen the most in automotive news feeds is the IONIQ 5, a ridiculously powerful electric car that can hold its own on any racetrack. While the company was showing off new future-proof models, one of the best-looking models ever to be created by the automaker is the N Vision 74 Concept, a high-performance hydrogen fuel cell hybrid that’s taken its cues from the Hyundai N 2025 Vision Gran Turismo as well as the Hyundai Pony Coupe concept from 1974 - hence the 74 in the name. The N Vision 74 combines EV technology with a new, advanced hydrogen fuel cell system. “RN22e and N Vision 74 play an important role in the strategic development of our entire product lineup, especially our electrified, high-performance vehicles. Rolling labs represent the continuous development of our most advanced technologies. This unique approach makes us ready for the challenges of the future by empowering us to push ourselves to the limit.” says Thomas Schemera, Executive Vice President and Head of Customer Experience Division at Hyundai Motor Company. While the 1:1 car hasn’t been produced in series production, it seems that it was so well received that in 2026 a limited-number run will happen.

Buuuuuut, if you want one now, you can buy one, but you’ll have to settle for losing the hydrogen part of the powerplant because it’s only available as a full EV. That’s because it’s a radio-controlled car. Details on the N Vision 74 RC car are still scarce, but with one of the images released showing a car in front of a person, we surmise that the car is available in the common 1:10 scale, which means it will measure in at around 17 to 22 inches (43 to 55 cm) in length. This is a good size to be able to show off nice details while also being affordable.  In the pics, we can also see it comes with a pistol-grip controller with the direction wheel on the side, just like a regular RC car from the likes of Tamiya. The RC version does look exactly like the full 1:1 version, and that makes it quite desirable. We know the N Vision is extremely popular because if you do a little internet research, one of the most common related questions is whether the car will make it past concept car status or not. If you want a car to reach viral internet status, it seems the not-so-secret recipe is to make it look like a blend of old and new styling - retro is king. There is no word on the pricing and availability of the N Vision 74 RC car as yet, but it will likely cost a wee bit more than a regular RC car because it will likely be produced in limited numbers, and that dictates price. What we do know for certain is that the RC version will only be available in Korea, so if you want one it’s time to make Facebook friends with someone on that side of the world and get them to send it to you. Depending on demand, it may be available in other world markets via Hyundai head offices as official Hyundai merchandise. The 1:1 N Vision 74 sees in excess of 500 kW directed to the rear wheels, with torque closer to 1000 Nm, all with a 600 km range, this one will be less. A lot less.

Take a look at the YouTube video that shows off the really cool new Hyundai N Vision 74 Concept car in RC version. Details are minimal, but what we can see is that we want one, but we'll be cool and wait until it has a worldwide release via Hyundai merchandise websites. We can confirm that the 1:10 scale radio-controlled car will feature an all-electric drivetrain: Hyundai N | N Vision 74 RC Car Launch | Hyundai N Worldwide Be sure to check out our YouTube channel here for more exciting and exclusive SXdrv content! And don't forget to smash that subscribe button!

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