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We’re not sure if there’s any researched data between Formula 1 team liveries and how they attract new team fans, but there must be something like that. If you’re not clued up on the sport and you start watching it out of the blue, what makes you look at one team more than another? If you don’t know the drivers or the history of the teams, it’s quite logical that the cars that pull your attention will likely end up in some Google research on the teams and drivers. A great-looking livery will, in our expert opinion, help attract fans. McLaren’s F1 team has been doing pretty well over the last few seasons, and with Norris and Piastri on board, the on-track action has been exciting with some cracking performances seen. We’ve always liked the look of the McLaren cars, mainly because they use a shade of orange, and we just love orange on a car. Well, if we have to get technical, McLaren calls it Papaya, but contrasted with the dark colours and that Google loading logo on the wheels it’s pretty much orange. In a thrilling revelation, the McLaren Formula 1 Team has pulled back the curtain on the striking new livery that will adorn their 2024 challenger, set to be once again piloted by Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri. Drawing inspiration from McLaren's illustrious racing legacy, the 2024 livery proudly showcases the iconic and pulse-pounding combination of papaya and anthracite. The vibrant colour palette, a fan-favourite, is a continuation of the successful livery enhancements witnessed throughout the 2023 season. Fans will be delighted to find elements from the beloved OKX's Stealth Mode livery seamlessly integrated, alongside the timeless use of chrome in the driver numbers – a signature style that made its triumphant return at the 2023 British Grand Prix with Google.

As McLaren gears up for the upcoming Formula 1 season, the 2024 livery will also proudly display the logos of some of the world's leading brands and organizations, underscoring the unwavering support from McLaren's valuable partners both on and off the track. McLaren aims to build on the formidable momentum gained in the latter half of the previous season. The team's impressive record of nine podiums, a Sprint win, four Sprint podiums, and a jaw-dropping world record pit stop time of 1.8 seconds attests to their prowess on the track. Heading the team for the second consecutive year is Andrea Stella, who assumed the role of Team Principal in December 2022. Stella's F1 Technical Executive Team welcomes new additions for the 2024 season, with Rob Marshall as Technical Director, Engineering & Design, and David Sanchez as Technical Director, Car Concept & Performance, both joining McLaren Racing in January 2024. The seasoned Peter Prodromou continues as Technical Director, Aerodynamics, bringing over 30 years of F1 experience, while Neil Houldey, having been with McLaren since 2006, serves as Deputy Technical Director, Engineering and Design. The highly anticipated MCL38, McLaren's 2024 challenger, is set to make its debut on 14 February, paving the way for pre-season testing at the Bahrain International Circuit from 21-23 February. Excitement peaks with the opening race of the season at the Bahrain Grand Prix on 2 March. Stay tuned to www.sxdrv.com for the latest updates and exclusive insights into McLaren's thrilling journey in the upcoming Formula 1 season. We can't wait to see the rest of the field reveal their 2024 skins, in particular, Oracle Red Bull Racing.

Take a look at the YouTube video that shows off the first livery reveal for the 2024 Formula 1 season. It comes from the McLaren team and we have to say it looks awesome. We may be biased because most of the people involved with SXdrv have a soft spot for anything using and orange and black combo, which McLaren does perfectly looking at the images and vide here: 2024 McLaren F1 livery: LAUNCHED! 🚀 | McLaren

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