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Most products from Mercedes-Benz are great, they’re packed with tech in a top-quality wrapping that’s usually at the higher-end of the luxury scale. There’s even a few fast ones around. When you’re talking about Mercedes-Benz and performance, that’s when all eyes turn to MercedesAMG, the motorsport side of the automaker that’s responsible for a whole range of fast and powerful cars including quite a few limited edition models. Yes, having many limited edition models does sound like a bit of an oxymoron, but there’s no other way to describe it. 

The MercedesAMG GT was first released in 2015, and has seen just one facelift since then, in 2017. The range-topper of the time, the GT S, sported a powerful V8 that generated 357kW (503hp) with a massive 650Nm of torque. There’s a few different specifications and editions to be had ranging from fast street to fast track, and this latest motorsport version to hit the racetracks around the world is dubbed the Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series. As the name suggests, this model that’s limited to just 55 units for worldwide consumption, is aimed at those Mercedes-Benz fans that have a passion for track driving while not having to worry about the massive R5 982 712,02 (€369,000 ex Affalterbach, VAT not included) dent in their bank account. 

With the Mercedes-AMG models, it’s usually very easy to distinguish them from other Mercedes-Benz models thanks to the unique body shape, it’s a car that’s easily identifiable even when you spot one on the horizon. Luckily on something like the Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series, the same is true. This limited edition AMG GT Track Series doesn’t just sport different badges and a louder exhaust, it features some of the most amazing-looking purposeful aerodynamics in the form of spoilers, vents and wings and things. As you’d expect, while adding all these bits on, weight becomes a concern as it’s the enemy of a fast track car. In this case to offset the weight added from the built-in roll cage, the bonnet, wings, sills, back door and the rear apron are made of lightweight carbon fibre. This drops the car’s weight to an even 1 400kg.

The Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series stays planted to the tarmac thanks to the exclusively-designed high-downforce front splitter that works in combination with a modified, mechanically adjustable racing rear wing. The exclusive characteristic AMG GT bonnet features a large air outlet to guides hot air through the engine bay which helps increase overall downforce while aiding in the cooling of the engine. Wheels make or break a car’s aesthetics, and the same is true for racecars. It’s because of this that the Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series is equipped with a set of high-sheen milled and forged 18-inch wheels that were exclusively designed for this application. A special visual highlight is the bespoke semi-gloss finish in ‘MANUFAKTUR Hightech Silver Magno with design elements finished in red and anthracite.
The MercedesAMG GT Track Series is a monster of a racecar thanks to a hand-built 4.0-litre V8 biturbo powerplant sourced from the MercedesAMG GT Black Series, but it was tweaked a bit more to make it worthy of this special limited edition Track Series. Customised motorsport fuel injectors, a flat-plane crankshaft and a revision on the ECU programming equates to a very healthy 540kW (734hp) with an amazing torque ceiling of 850Nm. This setup is mated to a sequential Hewland HLS 6-speed racing transmission sending power to the rear wheels, while the differential is adjustable so that owners/drivers can tailor final drive setting for specific racetrack conditions. There’s fully adjustable 4-way Bilstein suspension dampers in play along with individually adjustable anti-roll bars for more setup finetuning so that the Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series can be set to perfection. On the braking side of things, the Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series features steel brake, and not carbon ceramics as you might expect. This is likely die to the Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series being used more by gentleman racers than full on race drivers, and so it's easier and quicker to get steel brakes up to a good operating temperature than the ultra-expensive alternative. Up font the discs measure in at a whopping 390mm while the rears measure in with an equally sizeable 355mm.
The cabin of the Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series is equipped with the best of the best bits to make it not only look the part of a really well kitted out racecar, but to afford the the highest levels of safety possible in a car like this too. Even the electronics in the Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series have been tailored to be race-specific, which includes traction control and a motorsport-level ABS system with 12 adjustable levels. Level 1 provides the maximum help from the TC/ABS system and the amount of help diminished through to Level 11, and the final Level 12 sees things switched 100% off. Physical safety comes in the form of a high-tensile steel roll cage that’s bolted to the aluminium space frame, and there’s even an extrication hatch in the roof. The driver sits in a carbon driver safety cell while being strapped in with a 5-point safety harness and customisable ergonomic seat foaming along with a powerful motorsport fire extinguisher system and driver safety nets to raise the level of safety of the Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series to the latest FIA standards.

The Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series, features an exclusively developed steering wheel made in cooperation with the sim racing experts at Cube Controls, and so it has a wide adjustment range and numerous controls. The foot pedals can also be adjusted to adapted to the driver’s physique, tall or short. The dashboard features a fully programmable BOSCH DDU 11 Driver Display Unit that’s been made to be more intuitive and user-friendly while incorporating a comprehensive data logging system for motorsport purposes, like the lap trigger to keep track of lap times - Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series is one of the first cars around to feature the newly-developed system.

If you want one of the 55 units of the Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series to be made available, you’ll have to arrange things directly with Affalterbach because they’re not getting shipped around, unless you have a proactive MercedesAMG dealership arranging things for preferred clientele. As mentioned, the MercedesAMG GT Track Series lists for €369 000 plus VAT. There are extras that can take that closer to the €400 000 mark, like a spare parts starter set, a seat and helmet ventilation system, a drinking system and a passenger safety cell.

Take a look at the YouTube video about the MercedesAMG GT Track Series: 2022 Mercedes AMG GT Track Series - Most Powerful Customer Sports Car - Auto TV

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