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The public spoke – really quite a lot – and the developers responded.

No, SERIOUSLY. Playstation 4 fans were mightily pissed when Gran Turismo 6 was produced exclusively for PS3 back in 2013, and as a result, have had a long wait for this new incarnation from Polyphony Digital (the longest six the six year hiatus between GT 4 and 5, in fact). We imagine if the game footage – first teased back in October – hadn’t been dropped soon, rioting was the next step.

Couple of things that need mentioning about the first GT on PS4. Firstly, the number of playable real-world cars has hit 140, the team in particular spotlighting LaFerrari, Mercedes AMG GT S, the Ford Mustang GT Fastback, and the new Mazda MX-5 for the first time among others. Alongside these, there’s also an as-of-yet unconfirmed number of GT exclusive racing machines to race across 19 circuits. The Vision Gran Turismo concepts should come as no surprise, but the list also includes the McLaren 650S GT3, RenaultSport R.S.01 GT3, Audi R8 LMS and Corvette C7, with real-world racing regulation taken into account during development.

Perhaps most interesting though is that the level of connectivity involved with Gran Turismo Sport. It’s no secret that the new edition was built to support Playstation’s VR (virtual reality) technology from the ground up, but Sport is also the first game in the series to be officially sanctioned by the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile itself. Complete lessons in ‘Career’ and hit a certain level in Sport Mode, and players worldwide will be eligible for the ‘FIA Gran Turismo Digital Licence’, which will ‘will hold the same value as a real life licence’. Intrigued? Us too…

PS4 players still have to wait until 18 November though to pick up their new copies, so just hold back on the flaming pitchforks another seven months. Okay guys…?

Source: crankandpiston.com

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