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Apple's car project has been nothing more than a rumour for the last decade, but in recent times we have actually had hard evidence that Apple has been working on a side project in the automotive industry. Apple has had their fingers in car infotainment systems alongside their competitors, Andriod, for quite a number of years already with Apple Car Play.

But they have also been heavily invested in self-driving artificial intelligence which would be for absolutely no reason other than planning to develop their own car.

Now, arguably the most controversy Apple has experienced in recent times is that their head of department on the Apple Car project is now officially moving over to the Ford Motor Company.

According to Ford's press release: "Doug Field will lead Ford's efforts to develop the next-gen Blue Oval Intelligence tech stack to deliver smart, connected vehicles and services that improve over time through constant updates".

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Later Clips on Apple's Car Chief Is Heading To Ford...

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