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Let's take a look at if aftermarket racing seats are worth replacing your factory ones.

Well, in short, the answer to if replacing your factory seats with aftermarket ones is worth it is quite simply yes, but there is a lot more to it to actually say if you should or not.

You first have to take into consideration what the purpose of your car is. Are you looking for a way to keep you and your passenger secured while you're flying around corners at the Nurburgring in your 1200 HP Mitsubishi Evo, or are you looking to upgrade your seats so you can get more street cred at your next stance event?

Like many other aftermarket car parts, there are usually a tonne of options and a variety of versions to choose from, but if you know you're intentions then arriving at a conclusion will be quite simple...also taking your budget into account.

If you have no intention of racing, usually aftermarket bucket seats will do you no justice apart from making your car look a bit more "racier" if it's done right. But if you are looking to actually benefit from what aftermarket seats are intended for, then we say go for it!

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel: Donut Media on Are Aftermarket Seats Worth It?

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