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Take a look at the new Ariel Atom 4 smashing up the Top Gear test track.

The Ariel Atom 4 is the latest edition to the naked racecar brand, and this time it gets its chance to be driven by the Stig around the Top Gear racetrack.

At the heart of the Ariel Atom 4 sits a Honda Civic Type R's 2.0L engine that has been both heavily tuned and turbocharged by Ariel. The 2.0L engine pumps out a whopping 320 Horsepower and 420 newton metres of torque which, in supercar standards, doesn't sound like much at all. But, it weighs in at a third of a Lamborghini Aventador at a featherlight 612kg!

When you see the onboard video feed of the stig ripping the Ariel Atom 4 apart at full tilt around the Top Gear test track, only then will you appreciate just how mental this little rocket with wheels actually is!

Take a look at the video below on the StigCam: Ariel Atom 4 Stig Lap...In The Dry - Top Gear.

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