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Powerful performance cars are Aston Martin's forte, but the marque's latest offering is silent and creates zero-emissions. It is also much smaller than the average Aston Martin, but it is not a successor to the horrible Cygnet. The Vantage GTE Soapbox was built to take on the Red Bull Soapbox race in London. 

The Red Bull Soapbox race does not get as much coverage as the other sports in the energy drink company's stable, but it is good to watch for a bit of a laugh. Rallies are held on purpose-built courses that snake their way down busy city streets, where homemade "soapbox racers", also known as billy karts, are judged on how long it takes them to complete the course, with points also awarded for creativity. 

This little Aston Martin is based in the V8 Vantage GTE and the Aston Martin Prototype Operation Senior Engineer, Alex Summer, will plot the car down the hills around Alexandre Place in London, Le Mans-winning drivers Darren Turner and Jonny Adam will also be on hand to provide support. 

The 2017 Red Bull Soapbox Race London was won by Team Brooklands Special which stormed down the course in just 35 seconds. Aston Martin came in second place, followed by an Indiana Jones-themed kart. 

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