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Check out our Lockdown Special with this exclusive Babes & Cars Pinup feature.

After months and months of dreaded cabin fever, and no exciting SXdrv flavour to consume for the majority of 2020, we have an explosive new video with 3 gorgeous young ladies and 3 of our favourite JDM cars straight out of the SXdrv garage!

The minute lockdown restrictions eased, we went straight to the drawing board to plan our next shoot. But, we thought of changing things up slightly, we didn't do our usual 1 car 1 babe, this time we multiplied it by 3!

Mike and Chris took the Mazda RX-7 and the Tokyo Drift Veilside Nissan 350Z, and Charne Took the blacked-out Mazda RX-8. After a quick stop to fill up with fuel and coffee, we then hit the road!

We pulled some strings and got an amazing opportunity to film inside an aeroplane hanger at the Rand Airport in Johannesburg, which turned out to be an incredible location that complimented both the cars and our gorgeous models.

Once the shoot was over, the owner of the hanger and plane gave us an unexpected surprise!

Take a look at the video below on how the day unfolded...

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