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What you see here is the one-of-one creation from Bentley Motors, and it’s an uber-limited edition with just one in existence. Now for a coachbuilder-style automaker, there needs to be a very good reason to create a one-of-one car, that or a bazillion Rand and a good idea. In this case, the creation of the Private White V.C. Bentayga is a nod to a British war hero, Private Jack White V.C, who saved people and machinery in battle and then went on to become a supplier of specialist supplier of things to the government. White was born on 23 December 1896 in Leeds, and at the outbreak of he enlisted in the 6th Battalion King’s Own and served throughout the war in the Middle East at Gallipoli and Mesopotamia (Iraq). The award for the Victoria Cross for Gallantry came during an attempted crossing of the Dialah River by Captain S. Patterson and 60 men of the Battalion on the night of 7 March 1917. During the crossing, a pair of Pontoons ahead were basically destroyed by heavy machine-gun fire. White’s Pontoon became uncontrollable so he tied a telephone wire to the Pontoon, jumped overboard, and towed it to the shore. This saved an officer's life, rifles and equipment. Boss-level things. With the war done, White started working as an apprentice as a pattern cutter in his local raincoat factory and by 1934 was appointed general manager, by 1937 he became the sole owner. More boss-level stuff. In 1916 White’s company supplied the Allied Forces with cotton gabardine trench coats. By the 1940s his company was commissioned by the Ministry of Defence to supply the RAF with waterproof parkas. As it now stands, the Manchester-based Private White V.C. has been around for over 100 years and offers high-quality, stylish garments made from the finest materials. In 2020, to help combat the global pandemic of COVID-19, the company volunteered its services at the Department of Health & Social Care and became the largest manufacturer of medical-grade gowns and surgical masks in the UK. The company employs a team of over 100 personalities across 13 different countries.

The one-of-one Private White V.C. Bentayga was created by Mulliner, the coachbuilding side of Bentley Motors since 1923, which makes it the oldest of its kind in the world. There’s also the Mulliner Classic division that’s tasked to handcraft and restore classic coachbuilt Bentleys. In this case, it was the modern side of Mulliner along with Bentley Manchester that initiated this special project. The Bentayga was to be a true expression of British heritage with handmade craftsmanship and luxury fashion to represent both Private White V.C. and Bentley Motors. Taking inspiration from the courage of Private White and today’s clothing line, the specially commissioned Bentayga Azure uses multiple copper detailings throughout the cabin including seat piping, embroidery and bespoke features all to represent the copper telephone line White used to tow the pontoon. The seats and door interiors feature clean purposeful sewing lines to reflect the style and functionality of military-inspired clothing. The bespoke embroidery includes the Victoria Cross emblem on the headrests and Private White V.C. lettering to finish the cabin details off perfectly. Loose cushions for the rear have been crafted from a Lancashire-woven cashmere cloth commissioned exclusively to commemorate Jack White’s regimental blanket stripe. The dashboard includes organ stops finished in anodised copper and a silhouette of ‘Cottenham House’, the Private White V.C. factory built in 1853 on the passenger-side fascia. As a wealthy person’s easter egg, there are bespoke treadplates and in the door pockets, there’s an embroidered bulldog representing the company’s unofficial mascot who can often be seen running around at the factory today. The exterior of the Bentayga is finished in Dark Sapphire with Blackline Specification and rear privacy glass and it rolls on a set of bespoke 22” bright machined and colour-matched wheels making a dark contrast to the Private White V.C. bespoke badging and subtle copper accents. The final highlight of the bespoke collaboration is that the buyer of the limited edition Bentayga would also receive a capsule collection of bespoke clothing from Private White V.C. as part of this unique curation. This posting is just to tell you the car exists because the unique specification Bentayga has already secured its home, having been sold to a local enthusiast from Manchester.

Take a look at the YouTube video that details the amount of work put into the 1-of-1 Priave White Bentley Bentayga - this is basically the British automaker showing off what it's capable of if a client has enough money. We're fans, and that's all we ever will be: Bentley x Private White limited edition Bentayga Azure by Mulliner. | Bentley Motors

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