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Once a petrolhead, always a petrolhead. That's what we all say, right? But with the world of electric power taking over, the legendary Bisimoto embraced the future and converted this beautiful 1984 Porsche 911 SC 935 to an electric rocket.

You've probably seen Bisimoto here before. He's the guy who turned his Honda Oddessey minivan into a 1000bhp tar-eater. He's a proper petrolhead, so it probably comes as a surprise that he has even considered electricity to power his latest project car.

He's an engineer and a huge Porsche fan. He loves the old-school cars but prefers new technology, so many of his builds are restomods. This is part of why he chose to put batteries and electric motors into this 1984 Porsche 911 SC 935.

Initially, he was sceptical, but then one day in 2010, Honda sent him a hybrid CRZ, and he discovered immediate torque on tap. A few years later, a Honda NSX arrived on his doorstep for evaluation. Soon, on the drag-strip down the road, he was "killing Hellcats and fully built Evo's with a bone-stock".

That was the beginning of his journey into learning more about EV's, and this Porsche is the result of his hard work.

He picked the original car up as a roller and went about creating the bodykit from the moulds that a company called Kramer made for Porsche Racing in the late 80s. The aero is insane but gorgeous and functional. The air-ducts are functional and help keep the batteries cool. The wheels are custom built, with 3D-printed covers to help with aero and cooling.

There is plenty of contemporary touches too, like the modern optics headlights and a dual-plane carbon fibre wing on the boot lid, and the livery is also inspired by a classic racer. Inside, there are all the usual suspects; a roll cage, bucket seats and fire extinguisher, but that's where the similarities end. It has just one small digital screen mounted behind the steering wheel that acts as a tachometer – with an 18,000rpm redline.

The battery pack is made up of 12 LG Kem batter cells that create a 360-to-400-volt system that powers a 400N 75Kw motor. That translates to about 636hp, and north of 600 torques – available at 1, yes 1-RPM, powering the rear wheels to a calculated top speed of 165mph.

It sounds like a jet, goes like stink and will blow you away with its technology. Hell, it'll even leave 11s on the tarmac! so join Hoonigan AutoFocus as they get the rundown of this electric Porsche before taking it for a rather quick spin.


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